Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Watch and Learn: MagNet Videos Now Available

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Can’t get enough of the MagNet goodness? It’s impossible to condense the sheer energy and excitement of #MagNet17 into a digital form, but we’ve got the next best thing: four recorded MagNet sessions are now available, each with condensed and longer video versions.

These videos were filmed and produced by The Canadian Press. As one of MagNet’s principal partners, CP also produced the video profiling the recipient of our Magazine Grands Prix fellowship, and their custom photography and videography team are happy to share creative ideas and tips for bringing your story to life, whether for an upcoming event or special feature.

The session videos are available on Youtube, the MagNet site’s multimedia tab, as well as the Magazines Canada resource centre. Here’s a brief summary of the excellent sessions you can now relive, in full audio and visual glory:

Increasing the Total Media Buy (AD1)

Many advertisers get focused on buying certain issues or special sections. In this session, ad sales expert Ryan Dohrn helps advertisers zero in on how to get them to buy more and avoid “shiny object syndrome” with just three simple questions.

This video illustrates how tweaking sales messages can increase the total ad buy, improve client meetings, reduce churn and drive commissions sky-high.

Watch the full MagNet session.

How Analytics Can Make You a Better Editor: Or How to Stop Worrying and Love the Numbers (ED1)

Remember how Carley Fortune, Deputy Editor of Chatelaine, showed analytics-skeptics and metric-fearers how to use analytics advantageously and understand audiences more deeply? Well, now we have it on tape.

Watch her guide the audience through how to assign smarter, craft better headlines, work more efficiently and drive readers to their best stories.

Watch the full MagNet session.

Content Marketing: Our Greatest Opportunity and Greatest Threat (AD4)

Magazines are the best storytellers, but are now at risk of being discarded as middlemen by advertisers.

In this recorded session, media veteran John Wilpers explains how publishers must learn to harness the opportunities of content marketing or face the collapse of their business model.

Watch the full MagNet session.

Managing B2B Data in a Digital World (CC5)

In today’s media landscape, publishers’ databases are increasingly becoming both critically important and harder to manage.

In this session, Vesna Moore illustrates how to assess business’ data needs, how to better manage data for deep analysis, how data can help generate revenue for sales teams using data models; how data can help editorial teams; and how to keep email-data CASL compliant.

Watch the full MagNet session.

And that’s a wrap! Let these videos keep up your post-#MagNet17 energy, at least until #MagNet18 comes around.

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