Monday, January 6th, 2020

Small Magazines at MagNet 2020

If you’re a small magazine unsure of where to go next, be sure to check out these sessions that we’ve handpicked for you. Join Harold Boies, Director, Periodical Publishing Policy and Programs at the Department of Canadian Heritage, on Wednesday afternoon for the annual public policy session on the Canadian Periodical Fund. Harold and senior members of the CPF team will provide you with an update on the program. Come and meet the funders face to face and get your questions about the Aid to Publishers, Business Innovation and Collective Initiatives components answered. In a second bonus session with Harold Boies and senior members of the Canadian Periodical Fund team, Canadian Periodical Fund: Export Opportunities find out the specifics of the Fund’s Export opportunities.

Jeremy Leslie, founder of the U.K.’s magCulture, an online resource, design studio, event producer and shop, is here to celebrate the new generation of independent print magazines at We Love Magazines. Find out how magCulture developed and the paradox of print being empowered rather than diminished by digital.

Find Your Spin!Award-winning speaker and author Rob Ristagno will challenge you to identify your organization’s Spin. A single, uncomplicated piece of inforamton that no one else is paying attention to. What’s your Spin, and where could it take you? Find out here.

Is your magazine due for a rethink? Maybe even a total overhaul? Find out what Canada’s oldest continuously published magazine has learned, one year after rebranding from The United Church Observer to Broadview at Rebranding: Risks and Rewards

Tuned In, Turned Up and TalkingHow do you break through the all the marketing noise?  Technology has shifted the power in the consumers favour and how access to informaton has changed expectations. Supergeek Christopher Lester shows how to use storytelling, social listening and easy brain-science hacks to keep audiences tuned in, turned up and talking.

Creating Cultures of Belonging – Despite good intentions, our brain frequently favours those most “like us.” See what steps can be taken to offset implicit bias and systemic discrimination in the workplace with Anima Leadership’s Annahid Dashtgard.