Beyond Clickbait

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018 • 10:45am–12:00pm • SO2 • Social

In 2015, the average publisher saw about 31% of their web traffic come from social media. In 2016, digital juggernaut Buzzfeed received about 80% of their visits from social sharing. In 2018, however, Facebook introduced the Explore feed for publishers, Instagram remained firmly algorithmic in its presentation, and Twitter shows no sign of returning to a strictly chronological timeline.

For journalists and their publications alike, this means changing tactics to embrace this new world to maintain traffic—but what does that mean and how do you even get started? Discover:

• What happened to your social media traffic, and why.

• Why this change is only a challenge, not a dead end.

• How you can make small changes to your content to improve traffic.

• Who is your audience, and how to leverage your understanding of them.

• How to approach your social content, and why it needs to be different. 

This talk looks at content strategy, community building and embracing the media side of social media, and how magazines can look to advertising to help them navigate the ever-changing parameters of the social landscape.