Investing in Magazines: How (and Why) To Dive Head First Into Publishing

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018 • 9:00am–10:15am • MG5 • Management

If “print is dead” as they say, why are people still starting and buying magazines? In this lively session, two new entries into the magazine business share the stories of how they came to own their titles and why magazines are still a great investment.

Graeme Roustan is an accomplished sports executive and professional investor who just acquired a storied Canadian brand and a jewel of Canada’s sports media: The Hockey News. James Mullinger is a stand-up comic and former British GQ journalist who left London, England to move to Saint John, New Brunswick, where he launched The Maritime Edit, a quarterly print publication with a national distribution of 70,000 copies and international readership of over a quarter of a million. Hear advice and anecdotes from these energetic newcomers about the joys and trials of blazing new trails in Canada’s magazine industry.