Magazines, SEO & the Power of Search: Getting Found on Page One…

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018 • 1:30pm–2:45pm • DG2 • Digital

There is real power unleashed when your content is found on page one in search results. It is something every business is after, but it’s no easy task. In this session, Richard Carmichael and Rob Campbell of Truth and Dare (formerly K9 strategy+design) will walk through a top-down SEO strategy completed for Horse Canada with learnings that could benefit your publication.

Founded as a print magazine, Horse Canada was frustrated by its lack of presence on page one as they knew they were the authoritative voice for all things horse in Canada.

In this session, Richard and Rob will share how they helped Horse Canada to refresh their content curation and publishing strategy to focus on leveraging the value of their subject matter authority online, as well as how they helped them to develop new content that would be of interest to readers. This successful strategy has already paid off, with users, sessions, and social media audiences increasing by as much as 44% in just a few months. Find out more about the three-phase approach and how it paid off with huge returns in this ROI-driven session.