So, the Results are in and They Suck: What Now?

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018 • 1:30pm–2:45pm • CC3 • Circulation

We all like to get up on stages and walk around conferences talking about our latest success. It's nice. It's fun. But it's also boring. Let's turn things upside down and talk about the things that, well, sucked.

Join Chloe Sargent as she explores what hasn't worked for magazines and asks the ultimate question: why?

 Sometimes, marketers, salespeople, strategists, and executives try something new - a new subscription model, a new distribution method, a new loyalty program - only to abandon it when it doesn't give them exactly what they were looking for.

After nearly two decades of growing and evolving in the tech world, PressReader knows the value of iteration and the power of making the right mistakes. In this session, we'll look at real-life case studies and work together to unpack what worked, what didn't, and what we could change to make it successful.