Turning the Magazine Advertising and Newsstand Revenue Model on its Head Through Video Innovation

Wednesday, April 24th, 2019 • 9:00am–10:00am • AD4 • Advertising

Over the past few years, St. Joseph Media has been reinventing its flagship media properties through multi-platform content strategies based in quality editorial, digital and video innovation, and best-in-class advertising integrations.

Focusing on FASHION magazine, and presented through a series of high impact multi-platform case studies, Jacquie will demonstrate how FASHION magazine is successfully inventing advertising and newsstand revenue streams in a declining advertising market.

From creating co-branded cover shoots based in video, to video-first branded content programs that deliver advertiser ROI and enhance consumer engagement, to creating best-in-class advertising collaborations lead by editorial, tech innovation and a mobile-first approach.

The presentation case studies and approach feature a variety of advertising brands and is scalable and adoptable to any magazine/media brand, market and platform, and demonstrate how publishers can execute high quality branded content programs that utilize editorial teams across all platforms.

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