Thursday, January 2nd, 2020

New to Magazines? We Have You Covered!

New to publishing? Or looking for a refresh on the basics? Publishing Foundations is just for you. Get the lowdown on the essentials of publishing in today’s multiplatform environment in this packed two-part session. The pillars of editorial, management, circulation, fundraising and events will be covered in these crash courses in publishing with an all-star small mags panel.

Stronger Together: The Value of Magazines Canada Membership – Magazines Canada is your national trade association, but what does it really do? Ask association staff about the latest on government advocacy, exclusive research, events, professional development and retail distribution.

Should you be worried about ad blocking? Does it affect your business? Is programmatic the next big thing? Get the answers to these questions and more at Programmatic and Ad Blocking for Dummies. Scott Roulet shares his insights on the current state of Programmatic and Ad Blocking (psssst – it’s not as scary or difficult as it might seem!).

Digital Magazines in the Age of Disinformation – In the Age of Disinformation, digital publishers need to navigate the demands of immediacy and responsibility. In this captivating session, panellists answer the burning questions about what publishing can learn from the sciences to combat disinformation online.

Is the Media Kit Dead? – The value and relevance of media kits is in question. What are buyers really looking for today – and tomorrow? How do they want to receive information? What goes in the trash? Join us for this peak behind the curtain led by ad agency veteran and magazine champion Tim Hughes.