Wednesday, December 18th, 2019

MagNet 2020: Business Media Spotlight

The world of business changes at a rapid pace. Keep up-to-date with sessions designed with B2B magazines in mind. At MagNet we’ve got your back and will keep you on track.

What’s your spin? Award-winning speaker and author Rob Ristagno will challenge you to identify your organization’s spin at Find Your Spin! He’ll help you find that single, uncomplicated piece of information that no one else is paying attention to, that’s easy to implement and certain to work. What’s your Spin, and where could it take you?

What’s in store next for B2B media? Joe Glionna and Pierre Marcoux talk specialized content, focus on targeted lists, events, online hubs and how a wholehearted embrace of the digital channel have kept B2B books in the black at The Future of B2B Media.

Workflow…sexy, eh? Tracking the life of a story from idea, to assignment, to completion, through multiple levels of editing and proofing is enough to drive anyone over the edge. B2B Editorial Workflow: Lessons Learned and 3 Tips to Stay Sane on Deadline is here to help. Relax with practical takeaways from B2B veterans.

Arizona Highways, first published in 1925, has evolved into one of the most respected and revered publications in the world. Win Holden, will regale you with the fascinating story of how a brochure produced by the Arizona Highway Department morphed into an international magazine powerhouse at Arizona Highways Magazine: On the Road for Nearly a Century. Don’t miss this Win-Win-Win presentation of a regional magazine that could and did!

How can I grow my podcast audience? What kind of microphone should I use? And, How can publishers benefit from podcasts now that they’re hitting critical mass?  Questions burgeoning podcasters ask. Join Kyle Shay and Stacy Bradshaw from Annex Business Media live as they talk, laugh, pontificate and answer questions from the audience about all things podcasting at This is Podcasting.

What’s in store for the media biz in 2020? Find out at 2020 Global Media Trends with FIPP CEO James Hewes. Join him as he regales you with magazine media highlights from a host of intercontinental events that took place since MagNet 2019, including Berlin’s Digital Summit, World Congress in Las Vegas, and FIPP Insider in Johannesburg and Cape Town.