Thursday, April 12th, 2018

MagNet 2018 is Just Around the Corner! Are You Ready?

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Investing in Magazines: How (and Why) To Dive Head First Into Publishing
If “print is dead” as they say, why are people still starting and buying magazines? In this lively session, two new entries into the magazine business share the stories of how they came to own their titles and why magazines are still a great investment. Hear advice and anecdotes from energetic newcomers Graeme Roustan, who just acquired The Hockey News, and former British GQ journalist and stand-up comic James Mullinger, publisher of the newly launched The Maritime Edit.

Making Inclusion Truly Meaningful
It’s nice to go to conferences and talk about how great and important diversity is. But what happens when we get back to our offices and try to get to work? It takes real effort to move beyond lip service and make structural change that incorporates diverse voices in your editorial decisions. On this panel, writers and editors will discuss how to create an inclusive editorial process and why it’s well worth the effort.

Throw Things @Sree
This is a fast-paced, fun session filled with tech tips and tricks and a chance to ask social media expert Sree Sreenivsan anything (well, almost anything!). You will get a checklist to take home and also get a chance to watch Sree give live feedback to brave volunteers about their social media platforms. Hands-on, practical and actionable, this session will give you a hand in getting out of the weeds of social media.


In 2016, as a response to the downturn in print advertising revenue, the team at St. Joseph Media’s Fashion magazine began work on a massive undertaking that ultimately led to a complete transformation of their brand, and in the process turned their advertising revenue model on its head. They did this by repositioning Fashion as a luxury brand and expanding its presence in the United States. St. Joseph Media’s Jacqueline Loch presents the results in this podcast.

Don’t miss her session at MagNet on April 26, Advertising Partnerships and the New Magazine Ecosystem: Turning the Revenue Model on its Head Through Innovation.


The Magazine Manager
The Magazine Manager® is the global leader in publishing CRM solutions. Serving more than 15,000 media properties worldwide, this flexible software app drastically reduces overhead costs and manpower hours by connecting sales, production, marketing, and billing into one simple software package. Features include proposals, lead generation, ad order entry, batch billing, multimedia contract management, pagination, custom reporting, digital editions, payment processing and so much more. To learn why thousands of publishers choose The Magazine Manager to increase profitability, please visit or stop by our booth.

Canada’s largest magazine media superconference takes place April 25–26 in downtown Toronto! Visit for more information and make sure to follow us on Twitter @magscanada and #MagNet18.