Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

Indie Mags Spotlight

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MagNet 2019 is packed with provocative sessions designed to expand skills, share success stories and help find an audience for indie and cultural magazines.

Despite the predictions of pundits, small magazine publishing is thriving. It’s easier than ever to find people in your niche audience and create a financially sustainable print model. Bhaskar Sunkara knows this and will share his secrets of success. He founded Jacobin at the age of 21 and has seen his paid audience grow to over 40,000 readers. At Print Magazine Publishing Is Easy you can find out how.

Ever wonder why some magazine events just seem to sizzle? Have a life of their own? Make you want to stay well past your bedtime? Our panel of event impresarios will share their recipes for success at Killer Events on a Budget. Come hear about what it takes to create a killer event…get the secret sauce here.

Find out how LGBTQ+ trailblazer Sharan Dhaliwal, Editor-in-Chief of the UK’s Burnt Roti, attracts marginalized audiences and successfully leads conversations on topics like, Is #MeToo only accessible to the privileged? Will I feel like an immigrant forever? Sexual identity, racism, body image and belonging are just a few of the dialogues Burnt Roti gives voice to. Harnessing Community tackles the tough issues.

Why is niche publishing thriving? At The Reach of Niche meet leaders in niche publishing to hear how they are bucking publishing industry trends, and adapting to an industry in constant flux. Their specialty content is focused and deep, serving passionate communities that are willing to pay for access. Find out how they leverage their expertise to provide a wide range of products and services that diversify their revenues. And discover how your small mag can do that too.

Is your inbox overflowing with newsletters? Do you read them or ignore them? Everyone, regardless of their business model, is trying to make their newsletters stand out. You’ll find out how at this panel with some of Canada’s best newsletter thinkers at Newsletters are Back, and they’re…Cool?!

How do you create magazine covers that stand out in the crowd? John Montgomery will regale you with the year’s most talked about—and shared– magazine covers. Take a guided tour of contemporary design trends, including why some magazines are going with fewer cover lines, punchier and bolder ideas, and make sure your cover will stand out on social media. Don’t miss Cover Trends.

What happens when corporate-funded organizations appropriate the language and tactics of independent media outlets?  At The Future of Media is Tangible: Growth, Depth, and Sincere Models for Mutual Engagement hear Kate Lesniak (the former publisher of Bitch) from the digital strategy agency ThinkShout, unpack these burning issues.