Monday, February 15th, 2016

Happy Holidays from MagNet

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The nights are chilly, the days are short and the shops are playing tinny Christmas music. That can only mean one thinga��

The MagNet elves are busy creating an amazing line up of sessions to warm your hearts in sunny April.

Here’s a Sneak Peek at What’s In Store For You April 25-28

Podcasting and Magazine Publishing Uncovered

Spacing founder and publisher Matt Blackett and Slate senior editor and podcaster Gabriel Roth will explore how the podcasting and magazine publishing businesses intersect. Discover how Spacing landed on the right focus to create the right voice for the brand and how Slate converted thousands of listeners into paying subscribers.

Get Caught Up on the Latest in Design Trends

Magazines are living, breathing reflections of contemporary culture, fashion and even societal issues. And these days magazines have to work hard to get us interested, and even more important, keep us interested. Award-winning designer Barb Woolley will collect and curate images of mass market magazines and quirky, niche titles and explore what makes them work.

Livea�� from Facebook!

Facebook gave content creators a new platform to tame in 2016 with live streaming tools. From Chewbacca Mom to the exploding watermelon, whata��s the secret sauce when it comes to creating compelling live content that both attracts audience and keeps them engaged?

Bursariesa��Coming Soon!

Magazines Canada will be offering rebates for MagNet expenses to members in good standing that have circulation under 50,000. Wea��ll cover 50% of your travel costs and 50% of your session fees. Bursaries are limited, so keep an eye on for an announcement in the new year.

Featured Sponsor

Blanchard Systems: The Intelligent Software Company

Blanchard Systems is the developer of SendMyAd and Virtual Publisher. SendMyAd is a cloud based ad portal, accessed using a standard web browser, designed to streamline the submission process for print, web and tablet ads. With SendMyAd, ad materials can be requested, uploaded, preflighted, approved, and automatically delivered to the publisher and/or printer, all within one simple to use portal. Virtual Publisher is a cloud-based advertising and editorial management solution, designed to automate all aspects of the production of magazines for print, mobile or tablet. With Virtual Publisher our clients are able to plan, create, schedule, approve and deliver pages. Virtual Publisher and SendMyAd are joined at the hip to streamline all aspects of the magazine production process, from the moment an ad is requested, until ita��s reached the hands of the subscriber.

Canadaa��s largest magazine media superconference takes place April 25-28 in downtown Toronto! Make sure to follow us on Twitter @MagNetCanada and #MagNet17.