Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

“Get Social” at MagNet 2017

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Conference sessions on social media, personalized social media Rx and, of course, old fashioned, rub-shoulders social receptions. We’ve got “social” covered.

MagNet 2017: Save the date for April 25-28

The Secret Sauce on FB Live
Facebook gave content creators a new platform to tame in 2016 with live streaming tools. What’s the secret sauce when it comes to creating compelling live content that both attracts audience and keeps them engaged? Find out at Live…from Facebook.

How to Grab ‘Em and Keep ‘Em!
We live in a time of endless options when it comes to ways to distract (or inform) ourselves. So what’s a magazine brand to do in order to stand out amid the crowded offering of social and online content? Join three ELLE Canada magazine editors as they discussA�strategies to retain, engage and grow audience in aA�constantly changing digital landscape at Eyes On Us: Capturing Audience Attention in the Age of the Mindless Scroll.

Instagram and Your Brand
With more than 500 million active users, Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform. For businesses around the world, the conversation has moved away from the “why” (should we be on Instagram?) and swiftly towards the “how” (can we excel on it?). Learn tips and tricks to develop a stellar social strategy, create engaging content, and foster a thriving community at Building Your Brand on Instagram.

B2B Social Media Analytics
The term Big Data is everywhere, and the amount of data available to businesses is vast and overwhelming. Find out how to use predictive analytics to create efficiencies, what can be gained from including a social media dataset, and how to apply them to publishing in this comparative case study of a social media audit for Wild Rose Brewery.

Social Media Rx
Receive one-on-one care from the Social Media Doctors,A�two expert social media consultants who’llA�once again be on hand to make sure that you get the most out of your social media activities. Stop by MagNet Square and sign up for a 10-minute session. Rx = Social Media Success!

Did Someone Say Colleagues and Cocktails?
You know MagNet has the best events to get caught up with colleagues and friends, old and new, to nibble and sip. Don’t miss the MagNet Marquee Soiree on April 25, the CDS Global Circulator and CMC Awards April 26 and the Magazine Grands Prix April 27. Polish up those shouldersA�and get ready for some rubbing.

Bursariesa��Don’t Miss Out
Magazines Canada is offering rebates for MagNet expenses to members in good standing that have circulation under 25,000. We’ll cover 50% of your travel costs and 50% of your session fees. Bursaries are limited, so visit to apply now and get twice the bang for your buck.

Canada’s largest magazine media superconference takes place April 25-28 in downtown Toronto! Visit magnet.magazinescanada.caA�to register nowA�and follow us on Twitter @MagNetCanada and viagra en suisse #MagNet17.

Also coming to MagNet week in 2017: the Arts & Literary Magazines Summit and the inaugural Magazine Grands Prix!

MagNet is a collaborative effort from the Circulation Management Association of Canada, the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors, and Magazines Canada.