Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

Early Bird Prices Extended

Image for Early Bird Prices Extended

PHEW! Early Bird Pricing Extended until Monday, April 3

We know you meant to get to it but some things fall though the cracks. But act now…early bird pricing is extended until Monday, April 3. Big savings! Register NOW!

Bursaries—Don’t Miss Out

Magazines Canada is offering rebates for MagNet expenses to members in good standing that have circulation under 25,000. We’ll cover 50% of your travel costs and 50% of your session fees. Bursaries are limited, so visit magazinescanada.ca/program/skills-rebates to apply now and get twice the bang for your buck.

Canada’s largest magazine media superconference takes place April 25 – 28 in downtown Toronto! Visit magnet.magazinescanada.ca to register now and make sure to follow us on Twitter @MagNetCanada and #MagNet17.