Arts & Literary Magazines Summit

The Arts & Literary Magazines Summit has gone virtual! Join us online for the 2020 Arts & Literary Magazines Summit! Watch the recordings of another great year of programming made for and by Arts & Literary Magazines. 

Split over two days, our special Arts & Literary Magazines Summit programming is created with arts, literary and cultural magazines in mind. This year’s programming is a stimulating deep dive into the topics and challenges that you and your magazine face daily.

Hosted by Casey Plett, winner of the Lambda Literary Award for Transgender Fiction and the First Novel Award, this year’s Summit line-up delves more deeply into the business side of magazines. All-star panels will kick off lively discussions on what makes magazines tick, with presentations on circulation, marketing and promotions. Be prepared to share and collaborate during these interactive sessions.

Special bonus: The Summit also includes a conversation between Toronto MPP Jill Andrew, NDP critic for Culture and Women’s Issues, and Canadian Art editor Jayne Wilkinson on the state of criticism in publishing. You won’t want to miss out on this dialogue.

Watch the recordings of all of the Summit’s great programming on demand! You can watch the sessions in their order of presentation or hop and skip your way through two days worth of amazing speakers and programming! 

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Day One

Marquee Speaker – The Most Important Innovations in Media

John Wilpers, Senior Director/USA, Innovation Media Consulting

It is no exaggeration to say that “things will never be the same”. So, now what? We’ll discuss innovations to make sense of disrupted work environments, managing staffs working from home, running remote meetings, finding the right technology, choosing business models that will work, running virtual events, etc. We’ll also discuss the next big wave headed your way: sustainability. What innovative actions can you take before your readers and governments demand them? And to wrap up, we’ll enjoy our annual celebration of the human creative spirit with a look at mind-boggling print innovations.

Arts & Lit in the Market

L’Amour Lisik, Social Media, Marketing & Circulation Manager, The Malahat Review; AnnMarie MacKinnon, Publisher, Geist; Moderator: Kayi Wong, Former Marketing Coordinator, Room Magazine. 

As Cardi B says on the Netflix series Hustle + Flow, “this is the social media generation.” But arts and literature literary magazines can struggle to attract the same social media followings as general interest magazines in Canada. Communications and marketing specialists at magazines known for their established online presence and inventive social media strategies, meant to reach diverse audiences, will lead a discussion about marketing arts and literature to Canadian audiences.

Visual Story-Telling for Community-Engaged Audiences

Miriam Ho, Editor-in-Chief, Site; Sharine Taylor Editor-in-Chief, Founder, Publisher, Bashy; Moderator: Jennifer Varkonyi, Publisher, Maisonneuve

Perhaps one of the most elusive factors of circulation is that “je ne sais quoi” factor: what makes a magazine jump off the newsstand and into the reader’s hands, from content headers to layout? And arts and lit magazines face unique challenges generating aesthetically appealing content for visually-influenced audiences who are engaged in community-based movements and social politics. Learn how magazines, known as content and layout trendsetters, are appealing to diverse audiences across digital and print platforms.

Day Two

Marquee Speaker- Beyond Diversity and Inclusion

Jael Richardson, Artistic Director, Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD)

Since 2016, Jael Richardson, the founder and Artistic Director of Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD) has gained national acclaim, travelling across the country and representing Canada internationally following the successful launch and establishment of Canada’s first festival for diverse authors and storytellers. As the leader of the fastest growing literary festival in Canada, which serves as a global source of ground-breaking innovation, Richardson’s work challenges arts and media organizations to build and grow using practices rooted in inclusion and diversity.

In this dynamic keynote address, the recipient of the J.S. Wordsworth Award for Human Rights & Equity and the Freedom to Read Award from The Writers Union of Canada will unpack practical approaches industry professionals must take to transform their organizations. With timely and crucial questions designed to spark conversation, Richardson will prompt leaders to take bold and critical action with urgency.

Culture as Criticism

Dr. Jill Andrew, MPP (Toronto—St. Paul’s), NDP Critic, Culture and Women’s Issues; Jayne Wilkinson, Editor-in-Chief, Canadian Art

Jill Andrew—Member of Provincial Parliament for Toronto-St. Paul’s and the ONDP Culture Critic—will join Canadian Art Editor-in-Chief Jayne Wilkinson in a conversation about the current state and future of cultural criticism in Canadian publishing.

Arts and Lit Podcasting

Matthew Blackett, Publisher, Spacing; Jeremy Leslie, Creative Director, magCulture; Moderator: Sarah Melton, Host and Producer, Brick Podcast

Podcasting has quickly situated itself as a key way to connect with audiences engaged in publishing. Producers of literary podcasts will discuss why they podcast and who they podcast for. Panelists will also consider the technical aspects to aid any would-be podcasters such as how to make a quality podcast, the differences between writing, editing, and conceptualizing projects for audio versus for a magazine. Panelists will take you through the challenges of starting and sustaining a low-budget podcast, what makes a good interview or podcast episode, and what audio could add to a magazine or literary journal that print isn’t able to.

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