B2B Social Media Analytics: A Case Study on Wild Rose Brewery

Thursday, April 27th, 2017 • 3:15pm–4:30pm • SO4 • Social

The term Big Data is everywhere, and the amount of data available to businesses is vast and overwhelming. We are seeing more and more articles every day about business analytics, and how predictive analytics can provide insight with decision-making in operations that will lead to efficiencies.  

Is that possible in publishing, and what does that have to do with social media? Social Media has provided us with more fluid customer data than we've ever had access to before. There is a massive amount of real-time user data being made available to publishers about their customers that they didn't have access to before. Is there value in social media data and predictive analytics in publishing beyond promotion? Once exclusive to marketing departments, social media analytical data is poised to become an integral driver in making business decisions. Join Kim Latreille, as she explains how to use predictive analytics, what can be gained from including a social media dataset and how to apply them to publishing, using a comparative case study of a social media business audit she developed for Wild Rose Brewery.