Turning Disruption into Delight: Media Alchemy

Thursday, April 27th, 2017 • 10:45am–12:00pm • MG3 • Management

Taking a page from the ancient alchemists who studied how to turn “base metals” (lead) into “noble metals” (gold), alchemy was always more about changing ourselves than changing the metals. Gold is everywhere we look in the larger media landscape: more people read, digest, act and interact based on media than they did in the entire history of humankind. And more money is being made than ever as well. So how do we become modern alchemists: taking the mix of our brands, magazines, content and audiences and converting it to gold? What do our organizations have to do to let us get there? What examples are there in North American publishing where we see these modern alchemists at work? How do we take advantage of the disruptive environment we live in everyday? How do you prepare yourself for this work? As Olympic athletes will tell you, participating is fun but it’s about going for the gold. Find out how in this session with publishing giant Malcolm Netburn.

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