Getting Big by Staying Small: Magazines, Digital & the Power of Niche

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017 • 1:30pm–2:45pm • DG1 • Digital

There is power in being a niche publication, particularly in the age of digital but it may take some refocusing of your magazine’s priorities to realize that potential.

In 2016, Canadian Art, founded as a quarterly print mag in 1984, fully implemented a refreshed web-content strategy that focuses on the news and think pieces that legacy readers have demonstrated they want online and that new readers have been drawn to as well. That strategy has paid off, with users, sessions and social-media audiences increasing dramatically. 


Interestingly, the more deeply a publication inhabits its niche, the more kinds of online stories it can tell and the more new readers it may reach, too. Some of Canadian Art’s top stories this year crossed over into baseball, cultural appropriation, federal politics and more. In this presentation, attendees will consider how similar niche-focused approaches could help boost their own publication’s traffic and metrics. 

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