CASL Compliance: Designing Your New Email Manual, Session Two

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017 • 10:45am–12:00pm • CC3 • Circulation

Having identified your CASL gaps (those activities you are doing that are NOT CASL compliant) with as few changes as possible, expert Derek Lackey will walk you through what it takes to write the first draft of your CASL compliance manual—your new Email Policies & Procedures Manual. Derek’s understanding of the law and CRTC’s published interpretations and clear explanations of how they intend to enforce CASL will come in handy as he helps you “re-shape” your email marketing policies and procedures into a CASL-compliant program. To be clear, this is your program, adjusted to be compliant with our new laws. Once in place, it is your roadmap for your staff and suppliers to follow. Derek will share his formats and templates to help guide you through this process with the intent to have you well on your way to a CASL-compliant program by the end of this second workshop. Come prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work. You must register for Session One in order to do Session Two.