The Publisher’s Edge: The 2% House Advantage that Transforms Relationships into Sales

Thursday, April 27th, 2017 • 10:45am–12:00pm • AD6 • Advertising

In the world of publishing, we spend precious time building relationships and value-added offerings for our customers that, in theory, should lead to long-term customer loyalty and sales. However, in reality, we often don’t see the return in our revenue stream. It’s a costly game that everyone plays. But what if you had an advantage? A bit of foresight, better strategy, and an action plan—a “Publisher’s Edge” so to speak? Wouldn’t that change the game completely? By using basic blackjack principles and fascinating insight from counting cards, direct marketing veteran Trish Witkowski will remove the emotion and uncertainty from the sales process to provide a more rational view of your business relationships. Attendees will learn how to: anticipate the customer’s actions, reset unbalanced business relationships, start new business relationships on the right foot and play a smarter sales game and win more business. You’ll walk away with a real Publisher’s Edge, armed with actionable steps to dramatically increase revenue, and with strategies that will forever change the way you approach sales.