Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

Cultural and Small Magazines Spotlight

Image for Cultural and Small Magazines Spotlight

Pssst……MagNet 2017 is packed with sessions inspiring and relevant for small and cultural magazines designed to hone skills, improve management and share success stories.

Sure your small mag is jammed packed with great articles, photos and reviews, but if its not getting picked up and purchased what’s the point? The cover, ah…. It is the cover that sells. Get the inside story about small magazine covers at Niche Covers that Worked and Why.

Thinking about stretching your wings and branching your content strategy into podcasting? You are not alone. You need to attend The Business of Podcasting. Hear about how two very different magazines, Spacing and Slate, moved into podcasting and their struggles to find the right voice, sort out workflow and platform issues.

How can your magazine reflect the increasingly diverse portrait of Canada and the world? Because It’s 2017: Living Diversity at Your Magazine is the must attend session at MagNet 2017. Panelists will share their real-life practical strategies for making their workplaces more inclusive.

Magazines can change the world!  Queering the Media: The Making of a Magazine for LGBTQ+ Women tells the story of how a group of women committed to fighting stereotypes and queer invisibility launched an almost exclusively self-financed French-English magazine in the fall of 2016.

You always knew that your niche was important but did you know its true power. Discover it at Getting Big by Staying Small: Magazines, Digital & the Power of Niche with Canadian Art’s Leah Sandals.