How to Send Better Enewsletters

Email communication is having a renaissance of late. Success stories like news roundup theSkimm, Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop and Lena Dunham’s new venture Lenny are proving that email is a very powerful medium for reaching a targeted audience, particularly readers interested in news and innovations from a specific industry. Research suggests that 60% of executives across markets read an email newsletter as one of the top three news sources they check daily—nearly twice as many as those who use news apps. But how do you stand out in the clutter of a busy reader’s overflowing inbox? This workshop will walk you through successful case studies and give you applicable tips for increasing your open rates. Get up to speed with an overview of CASL legislation, strategy development, tools for tracking and testing and how to create top-notch content with subscribers in mind.

Presented by the Ontario Media Development Corporation.

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